Ngong Ping Finds

Most of the times, no matter how diligently and religiously you plan ahead, there’s a big chance that it may never be materialized because of some unforeseen events and circumstances way beyond our control. Like in my case, I was supposed to go to Sham Shui Po but ended up in Ngong Ping Village, instead.


Ngong Ping Village arch

I have visited Hong Kong for a couple of times mostly with my family. And in between free time, I tried to squeeze in some interesting things or places I have found in my research and be able to write my first-hand experiences about it when I get back home. Though, it’s really difficult, especially when you’re in a group. And even if you have the time,  it’s just gonna be very brief.

Since my original plan was to go to Sham Shui Po to buy some tools for my leathercraft and “to document” the activity, I run out of time to do so. But, I was able to brought home some good stuff from Ngong Ping Village.


Ngong Ping finds. From left to right: Kaonashi (No-Face) Night Light LED Lamp; Wooderful Life’s The Peak Tower and Cable Car Wooden Phone Set, and Kung Fu Kid Perpetual Calendar

The first item is the Kaonashi (No-Face) Night Light LED lamp. The No-Face figurine is based on a popular 2001 Japanese animated feature “Spirited Away” by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The figurine is almost seven inches in height, five inches in width and made of plaster. What I like with this figurine is its intricacy of the craftsmanship, especially the textures of the tree and the lamp. According to the shop owner, where I bought the No-Face figurine, it is more than 10 years old and a rare piece in his collection.





Aside from the No-Face figurine, there are more items from the owner’s personal collections that are for sale inside the store. From pop culture icons to anime characters, such as Disney, Pokemon, Star Wars, and etc. Most of the toys are rare and hard-to-find ones.


XX store in Ngong Ping Village

The second item, the Kung Fu Kid Perpetual Calendar from Wooderful Life. The Kung Fu Kid woodcraft piece is very distinct, and in fact, it resembles Bruce Lee’s iconic yellow jumpsuit outfit in the 1972 film “Game of Death.” The woodcraft is almost five inches in height, two inches in diameter. What made this woodcraft piece a collectible, is the craftsmanship. According to Wooderful Life’s website, every woodcraft piece is handcrafted and put together by hands. And the technique is a combination of modern and traditional approach.




The third item, The Peak Tower and Cable Car Wooden Phone Set also from Wooderful Life. The phone set was based on a popular Hong Kong destination, The Peak. The phone set is not just an aesthetic for desktop, it functions as cellphone holder. The woodcraft piece is two and a half inches in height, three inches in length and three and a half inches in width.




The Kung Fu Kid Perpetual Calendar and The Peak Tower and Cable Car Wooden Phone Set are all made from timber material. I bought the two items from HK Love Souvenir Shop.


HK Love Souvenir Shop in Ngong Ping Village

I may not be able to pass by Sham Shui Po and do what I was intended to do, but I was happy for what I have brought home — works of art.


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