Goin’ Analog: 2016 November HiFi Show

Surface noise. The kind of noise every and each audiophile trying to eradicate since the invention of the vinyl record. But there was a particular noise audiophile wants to hear again and again — a joyful noise coming from the 2016 November HiFi Show.


Record sellers and collectors at the Narra function room, Dusit Thani Hotel

I was there on the first day of the event held at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati. It’s my first time to attend the annual show and I can’t figure it out where to go and what my fingers should do first — to crate-dig or to click the shutter of my camera. It’s chaotic yet overwhelming to see crates and crates of records from sellers, collectors, and audiophile under one roof.


Crate diggin’ at the Narra function room, Dusit Thani Hotel

The two-day event occupied two-floor areas of the hotel. One, the whole Mezzanine, where two big function rooms — Narra and Yakal — are dedicated to participating record sellers. On the hallway, there were also some small players showcasing their latest product lines, DIY tube amps, and other audio-related gears. The second area, the whole fourth floor for the distributors of well-known audio brands, such as Audio-Technica, JBL, Sennheiser, Denon, Onkyo to name a few; and other local audio shops. The event was packed and a certified audio wonderland!


Record sellers and collectors at the Mezzanine of Dusit Thani Hotel

One of the function rooms I’ve visited were showcasing a towering monster turntable in gold plated by FuturAudio. Lo and behold! I could say, it was one of the showstoppers during the event.


Towering monster turntable in gold plated



Towering monster turntable in gold plated with Ikeda MC cartridge

I have “tried” to control myself to buy lots of records during the event. Tempting? Yes, it was really tempting and agonizing at the same time. But I could say, I successfully resisted the temptation. I brought home some handful of good stuff with good deals during the first day of the event.


CD albums: “The 2nd Law” by Muse, “Singin’ n’ Playin'” by Louis Armstrong, and “Surfacing” by Sarah McLachlan


Portishead’s first album “Dummy” on vinyl


Madonna’s “Something to Remember” 180-gram album and (not in the picture) Carole King’s “Tapestry” album reissue on vinyl


Audio-Technica’s AT-95 E, a replacement cartridge for my vintage Pioneer PL1100D


GH Acoustics Disc Stabilizer Stroboscope Gradienter

It’s really difficult to wear two hats at the recent 2016 November HiFi Show. I’m torn between documenting the event or should I give into the joyful noise. The Rolling Stones was right,”You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Until the next November HiFi Show.



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