Filling the No.19 Gap

Back in mid-2014, I was so ecstatic. My analog journey is coming together when I purchased a Midori Traveler’s Notebook regular size from a local shop. I’ve been eyeing this notebook since 2012 for its simplicity and it’s atypical size for a notebook. I drool whenever I watched user’s set-ups and customized Midori Traveler’s Notebooks over YouTube and until I saw the website of Patrick Ng, a Midori Traveler’s Notebook aficionado.

Later at the end of that same year, I felt disappointed. The local shop where I bought my Midori Traveler’s Notebook wasn’t able to give me an assurance to when they will have a “steady” stock of notebook refills, particularly the No.19 — July to December 2015 Free Diary (Weekly + Memo). This particular planner refill perfectly suits the way I “plan” my schedules. It has a weekly planner on the left page and a grid memo page on the right for notes. Also, the paper of the Midori Traveler’s Notebook is fountain-pen friendly — bleed- and feather-resistant. Ordering online is a bit difficult — ridiculous local tax computations — and kinda pricey here in the Philippines. To my dismay, I resort to a 2016 large 12-month weekly Moleskine planner notebook.

This mid-2016 came to a surprise for me when I visited a local Muji store. I saw and purchased two blank Weekly A5 Schedule Note — a “temporary” replacement for the elusive No.19 refill. This notebook has weekly planner on both pages and it is designed for a whole year of use. Since this is an A5, I had to “customize” it by cutting to a regular Traveler’s notebook size (H:210mm x W:110mm). Same thing I did before to a Muji 5mm grid A5 notebook that I trimmed off the excess and used it as a sketch refill also for my regular Traveler’s notebook.

F_DSCF0175 (Large)

F_DSCF0152 (Large)   F_DSCF0155 (Large)

F_DSCF0001 (Large)

Trimmed Muji 5mm grid A5 notebook

It’s a bit of a sad when I have to trim off the excess. I had to cut off the days printed on the other side of the next page. From one-year weekly planner, it became a six-month weekly planner now. But it wasn’t a spoilage after all. The pages where the printed days are cut off, I turned it into a memo page. Though it’s a bit awkward, because the layout design has been changed — the memo page now on the left page and the weekly planner on the right page — as opposed to the usual weekly planner layout.

F_DSCF0164 (Large)

Nevertheless, it still came out nice and functional as I wanted to be. I will use this Traveler’s notebook set-up for my personal and side projects. While I left the Moleskine for “office work” purposes. But the quest for the No.19 refill hasn’t ended here. Will still look for avenues to resolve it even if I have to travel to Japan for a great Midori Traveler’s Notebook haul.


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