Review: Muji 2013 Vinyl Chloride Cover Schedule Note Planner


Muji 2013 Vinyl Chloride Cover Schedule Note Planner

Exactly a year ago on this very same month of January, I made a final note on reviewing the Muji 2013 Vinyl Chloride Cover Schedule Note Planner. This will be a brief kind of review, since “What I like” parts from the previous planner has been kept in the new one — well, most of it. While the “What I don’t like…” parts seems another issue that Muji has to address. And last but not least, I’ll be sharing you a system on putting down schedule / event details that I have discovered while using the planner.

Let’s begin… what I like:
• Still, the pages are smooth and it goes perfectly well with my new-found partner, the Pilot G2 (0.7mm) Gel Ink Rollerball Pen BLG207 and, of course, with the Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil. Still, creamed-colored stock made from more than 5% recyclable paper.


Monthly view calendar with the Pilot G2 (0.7mm) Gel Pen

• Same colors and layout structure from the previous planner of the two-page monthly view calendar; vertical weekly view calendar on the left pages; grid note on the right pages. Remember the grey tabs with numbers? It’s totally out.

• The fun part? It now has pockets or sleeves — front and back!


Front plastic sleeve


Back plastic sleeve

• Again, it lays flat

Now, what I don’t like:
• The Muji 2013 Vinyl Chloride Cover Schedule Note Planner still starts on a Monday. And Muji still remains firm with their decision

• This is the part where it really threw me off. For me, it’s a good start to find a two-page monthly view calendar across two pages as an opening before the weekly view calendar and grid notes. Thus, it gives you an overview of the month you were in and then you can delve into the schedule details of the days in the weekly view calendar of the same month. In this 2013 planner, all the two-page monthly view calendars are stacked and placed altogether in the front part of the planner. Thus, the planner was divided into three major parts: (front) monthly view calendar, (middle) weekly view calendar and (end) extra pages of grid notes. The dilemma with this kind of set-up was, I have to flip the pages back and forth of the planner just to find a particular month. Remember, the planner has no tabs. Disappointing? Yes again. Too much of a hassle that I have to “hack” it by putting Post-it tabs


Monthly view calendar across two pages with Post-it tab

• Again, It lacks accessories like stickers found in every Moleskine planners

Surprise, surprise… 
On the weekly view, I’ve noticed three very small fine dots across each horizontal lines. Before, the way I was jotting down event details was from left to right like what we normally do in writing. But it left me wanting for more space, especially if my day/s was filled with multiple scheduled activities. And so, I ended up occupying the next day space right down below.

So one day, as I was looking at the planner, a clear vision appeared. I grabbed a ruler and my Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil, I connected the dots downward. And voila! I have created a three-column page like a Microsoft Excel sheet of sort. Then, I sorted those columns into three major time frames. First column was labelled “morning,” second column was “afternoon” and third was “evening.” With this set up, I was able to organized my schedules neatly. I have also arrived with a concise descriptions of my scheduled events I’m jotting down in order to fit on those small boxes, like Meeting: 2pm, Starbucks with Jeff or Photo shoot: 9am, cover. And as they say, the rest was history.


Weekly view calendar with columns


Weekly view calendar with columns with the Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil

In a nutshell
I’m one happy Muji customer. And with some setbacks surrounding the planner, I don’t think it will hamper my day to day progress in using the Muji 2013 Vinyl Chloride Cover Schedule Note Planner. In fact, I have upgraded to an A5-size Note Planner for bigger boxes to fill in this 2014. But I will not make a review about the A5-size  — not even next year nor in the near future. Will only make a review on these coveted planners IF there are some major or significant changes made by Muji to improve the product.

‘Til my next product review…


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