The (Office) Work Space

Lately, I have been seeing things in the world wide web that are awe-inspiring — work/design spaces or desks. Months ago, I saw, where it features artists to designers and architects to professionals showcasing their spaces particularly their work areas. Few days ago, I saw Jaap Biemans‘ of Coverjunkie blog. And a few hours ago, Ty Mattson’s of California-based Mattson Creative.

What I saw was not about how big or small, spacious or cramp, lowly or elevated their spaces was. It’s about their personality — how they work, how they organize, and the very things that surrounds them that helped or made an inspiration to their notable works.

So, let me indulge myself to this so called “work space” by putting up my own. Here it is, my work space at the office.

WorkSpace (Large)

Click to enlarge

There’s no inspiration behind my work space. Just plain and simple. Actually, it is just a corner table deprived of window light and view. I have tried to make it neat and organized (to my own definition of the word) as much as possible. My principle in my table is simple. If I need something, like pen or a reference magazine, I want everything within reach. If I left something on the table, don’t try to remove it. Leave it as is and I expected it to be there when I return. Designers shared same principles with chefs — they don’t need to gallop to the other side of the kitchen just for the salt and pepper. All the essential ingredients should be within reach. Not because their totalitarian but by doing more with less time.

And now, let me dissect the bare essentials, (1) scattered stacks of reference magazines. Most of my favorites are from the UK — Car, GQ, Stuff, old issues of Esquire, the defunct Arena. From the US — Outside, Esquire, Travel + Leisue to name a few. Also there are food and travel titles. Lastly Rogue, a homegrown title (2) my Muji 2013 A6 Vinyl Chloride Cover R-paper Monthly/Weekly Schedule Note Planner (3) Starbucks tumbler (4) LED lamp (5) pens and markers (6) Samsung SyncMaster P2270 with the next issue’s cover option (7) Twinings green tea and lemon (8) phone holder from Vietnam with my iPhone4 32gb (9) Logitech S200 Black 2.1 Speakers (10) business cards, eraser and sticky notes (11) old Seagate FreeAgent Pro 500gb External Hard Drive and lastly, (12) Logitech optical mouse.

Creativity in the office are encourage BUT within the parameters of your table or work area only. Sad to say, but it’s true. I hope someday, I’ll be working in a company where creativity is strongly encourage beyond the parameters of your work table.

Soon, I’ll be posting my work space at home.


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