New Section! A Day in a Life of a Working-class Designer

Today, I’ll be launching a new sectionA Day in a Life of a Working-class Designer. These are my awfully true stories and first-hand experiences as a working-class designer that I have to put up with at work or with someone and I want to share it with you openly — in my own whimsical way. Instead of posting the usual narrative form or photo essay of what magic tricks I have used under my sleeves, It’ll be summarized in “bite-size” and “digested” typographic illustrations that I have thoughtfully and sarcastically crafted for my own amusement. And yours as well, if you want to.

The section was inspired and a marriage between Clients from Hell and Chris Piascik’s  typographic illustrations and other font-pairing designs that has been circulating in the blogosphere lately. This process will also enhance my design skills outside of work.

My first post under this new section was from a recent “project” (I don’t know if I will called it or consider it as such) I received via email from a client. Here it goes…

A day in a life - Logo Peg

Enjoy and I’ll keep you posted for more of the working-class designer’s adventure soon.


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Jocas A. See. Visual communication designer. And a casual tourist

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