Picture Feature(d): Club Balai Isabel

Excerpt from “Sweat & Burn, Girl!”, InFlight June 2012 Issue by Monica De Leon

Once checked in, we immediately went to the lake. It was a rather windy afternoon but the sun was shining up high against the bright blue sky.

I was to undergo Fort Rock’s kayak program done ciruit-style, meaning I would do the drills continuously and be timed from start to finish.  It’s a bonus that I was to kayak across the waters of Taal Lake in sight of the majestic Taal Volcano. ”

Off to a kayak drill at Club Balai Isabel

“…Upon hitting the beach, I did lateral knee ups using the laidout cones, side to side drills using a laid out ladder, requiring me to tap my way from one end to the other, exercising my legs and thighs in the process, suspension training — so again, squats and lunges — and the TRX Rip Trainers (rip), which Coach Aries said was for “assymetrical loading using symetrical approach.” One end of the rip was tied to a flexible string that’s attached to a base. There are a gazillion rip drills and I did a couple, which required a power arm, my arm that swiveled one end of the rip to one direction, causing tension to build up in my power arm, and a base arm, or my other arm that I used to keep the rip in a stable position. It’s a unique drill requiring a great deal of, primarily, contraction from my core. Subsequently it helped to strengthen my arm muscles. Coach Aries and another of his coaches were only two out of eight certified TRX rip trainers in the country.”

Lunge drill with Coach Mario watching closely

“In between rip drills, I trained using wobble sticks, about a-meter-and-a-half-long bendable sticks that you wobble to your sides, affecting your whole body. ”

Training using wobble sticks

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