Picture Feature(d): Where To Get the Best Filipino Food

Excerpt from Food Special, Bakasyon April 2012 Issue by Lei Chavez

Villa Café Kampampangan Resto.  Good Kapampangan food that tries to reach out to the younger crowd is the specialty of this restaurant owned by Chefs Sau del Rosario and Jam Melchor. “This is the way to go if you want to connect to the younger market, but the older market will find the food not that jarring or non-traditional,” says Micky.”

Villa Café’s boneless crispy pata kare kare

Café Via MareThere are modern touches in the menu like the bagnet salad which is putting bagnet (crisp-fried pork), and greens together. “Via Mare did make the Bacolod invention of lumpiang ubod (fresh spring rolls) bigger than the original.” Must-tries are the bibingka (rice cake), guinumis (tapioca with pinipig, milk and crushed ice), and the pancit palabok (noodles topped with shrimp and boiled egg).”

Café Via Mare’s Pancit palabok

Bakasyon’s Food Special page designed and layout by Jocas A. See

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