Picture Feature(d): Nuvali

Excerpt from Insider’s Guide, InFlight May 2012 Issue by Margie Francisc0

Tagaytay Highlands has horseback riding, gardening, cable cars that allow you a view of the whole of Tagaytay. We once took our children for a tour of Taal Volcano and to cross the Taal Lake. They learned to sail on Taal Lake. At night stargazing is great here because of the clear vast night sky. Let your kids take their telescopes and laser pens so they could connect all the stars. [Ed: Tagaytay Highlands arranges stargazing.] For the side trips, visit Ilog Maria and Corner Stone Pottery in Cavite to buy souvenirs. You can also visit Nuvali for the bike trails and the fresh air.”

Nuvali’s 4-hectare multi-functional lake

Insider’s Guide opening spread page designed and layout by Jocas A. See

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