Quirky Apps of a Straight Guy

To begin with, I was never an avid fanatic of mobile phone camwhoring. The noise or pixel grain produced from a small censor is unacceptable, even if you’re using an 8MP (megapixel) camera phone; the lens is limiting, especially in low-light situations; overall, it’s slow when capturing the so-called “decisive moment’ right in front of you.

But lately, new camera phone and photo editing apps are coming out and trying to swoon me. Convincing me to enlist as their newest recruit of the Bang Bang “Phonecam” Club. And with their persistent bombarding of email press releases and online adverts and marketing gimmicks, I gave in — wholeheartedly. The quirk within me has awaken. The quirk phenomenon has begun.

So, here are the apps that I’m currently hooked into:

ProCamera: I was introduced to this app by a photographer-colleague of mine while waiting for our shoot. The great thing about this app is you can focus and, at the same time, control the exposure and the white balance. Aside from stills, you can shoot HD (high definition) videos with high-quality zoom. It features an anti-shake image stabilizer and an array of image-enhancing filters to choose from. (See your app store for full app details and mobile OS availability)

Sample shot using ProCamera app. No basic editing.

Snapseed: Again, it has been recommended by another photographer-colleague thru a Tweet. The good news was, I got it for free for a limited time. This is a photo-editing app from NIK Software, Inc. — leading and independent image-enhancing plug-in developer for Adobe Photoshop and other image-editing software for desktop and laptop computers. If you’re not satisfied with the photos produced from a limiting specs of your built-in mobile camera, worry not. This app has all the basic editing tools you need —brightness, contrast, saturation and even cropping. (See your app store for full app details and mobile OS availability)

Sample shot using ProCamera. Edited in Snapseed

PicFrame:  Just like me, uploading photos from your phone one by one is an agonizing process, especially when you can’t contain the excitement of sharing online; and when you’re under the mercy of a slow-bandwidth connection. You can use this app by combining your multiple photos, divided by frames, into one photo. You can choose from 60 different kinds of frame available. (See your app store for full app details and mobile OS availability)

Multiple images into one image using PicFrame

Instagram: Finally, this app needs no further “quirky” introduction. What I like the most of this app are the filter effects they offer. By far, they have the most right-balance effects I’ve seen among other apps. Also, Instagram’s simplicity to share online in other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. (See your app store for full app details and mobile OS availability)

Instagram app for iPhone

As you can see, the list above sums up my basic “quirk” phonecam whoring workflow.

To those who contest and ranting about phonecam whoring, if you’re into serious photography, go get yourself a decent camera with full manual controls.  But for the “fun and quirky way”, let’s leave it as is.

Happy camwhoring!


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