Picture Feature(d): Sitio Remedios

Excerpt from Old Spanish, InRoom section by Margie Francisco, InFlight August-September 2011

“The village resort has 10 houses (three two-storey houses and the rest, bungalows with single or twin bedrooms). I was booked in Balay Radrillo, a two-storey house built with red bricks produced from Ilocos clay. It has two air-conditioned bedrooms, two bathrooms with hot and cold shower, dressers, and free WiFi. The bedrooms are adorned with locally-woven inabel beddings and curtains for that traditional Ilocano look.

The house is furnished using local antique furniture, butaca plantation chairs with elongated armrests, locally-made home accessories and crystal chandeliers.

Spending two nights in solitude at Sitio Remedios made me want to extend my stay. Definitely a place for anybody who wants solitude (great American novelist John Irving stayed in here) or a huge group wanting a break, Sitio Remedios will make you fall in love with the heritage you have only read in books.”

A guest room at Balay Radrillo


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