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Excerpt from “InFlight Living: Indulge” by Ces Rodriguez for InFlight December-January 2011

One of my favorites was fish fillet stuffed with prawn mousseline and coated in herbed crumbs, with mashed green peas, terrine of glazed carrots and fresh coriander. The herbed crust broke off delicately; the pompano fillet, delivering the stoutest flavor, was cooked to perfection. The bells and whistles were reserved for the mashed peas and the carrots.”

Fish fillet stuffed with prawn mousseline

“The soup was a fireworks display of flavors beginning with the moat of cream of mussels dotted with tiny croutons surrounding a peppery ravioli of mashed watercress. What was extraordinary, however, was a perfect tender bud of oyster with a low whisper of brine at the heart of the ravioli. As the final bite, the oyster was an instantaneously serene counterpoint to the outside din of flavors.”

Cream of mussels

InFlight Living: Indulge page. Designed and layout by Jocas A. See

“A must try. Next time I’d like to try the soft boiled egg with sea urchin, green pea broth, mashed cauliflower, crispy smoked pork belly (P290) and – because it’s not over the top, it’s exquisite – I’d like it with a bit of that duck liver, please.”

Noisettes of pork tenderloin wrapped in smoked lard, puree of broccoli and Dijon mustard, and braised stuffed potato

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