A Love and Hate Relationship, Part I: Almost Love

To every traveler, being on land, sea and sky is a love and hate relationship. Occasionally it is a bumpy, rocky and dusty journey. And at times, it is a long, sweet and smooth trail like a porcelain skin. But whichever a traveler choose, it’s inevitable not to experience both side of the relationship.

I can’t recall much of my previous travels and dispatches a road that is so sweet from the moment we drive off from our starting point ‘til the time I alighted. Though, last year, there’s one particular dispatch that is still fresh in my mind, and that was on our way to Ugong Rock, northwest of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Almost 60km of paved road. No traffic or any road obstructions. I was lulled to sleep by the smooth swinging of left and right turns of our Ford Everest, our service vehicle then — while the rest of the crew discussing the further development of Puerto Princesa’s eco tourism — not until we reached the environs of Barangay Tagabenit where we’ve had experienced the mild bumpy trail on our way to the village.

A panoramic view of rice fields, limestone cliffs, forested hills, and Mount St. Paul from the summit

Ugong Rock’s rock formation

Photographer Oggie Ramos climbing his way up to the view deck

Watchout: A Love and Hate Relationship, Part II: Entirely Hate


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Jocas A. See. Visual communication designer. And a casual tourist

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