Picture Feature(d): The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort & Spa

Excerpt from Bohol Bling by Chip Childers for InFlight August-September 2010

“I thought to myself as I approached the resort, which resembled Tony Montana’s digs in the movie “Scarface”. Well-groomed and expansive fruit orchards give way to Roman holiday type villas and buildings, occupying a knife ridge with a view of the Bohol Sea. There’s an infinity pool reflecting the view, spas, restaurant, wine room and bar.”

Peacock Garden Luxury Resort & Spa’s jacuzzi and kiddie pool

InFlight's InRoom page. Designed and layout by Jocas A. See

“Given the jaw-dropping surroundings and exterior, having a disappointing room at the Peacock Garden will be like finding out Wolfgang Puck doesn’t know how to slice onions or cook up a steak. And the rooms here do not disappoint. The various rooms, of which there are 40 available, range from 270 to 560 square feet, and come with decks and sliding glass windows. All rooms feature standard mod-cons like dvd player, coffeemaker, writing table, WiFi and sitting rooms.”

Peacock Garden Resort's premiere room

InFlight's InRoom second page. Designed and layout by Jocas A. See

To read the full story and other travel features, call: +632 840.2802 to subscribe a copy.


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