August – September 2010

Cover designed by Jocas A. See

Excerpt from the note of InFlight Editor:

“Our contributing writer, Chip Childers, has no such qualms taking on hellish rides at Bohol’s Danao Adventure Park, the latest word in thrill-per-minute rides.

Perched on the lip of a canyon, the park has two zip line cables hanging over the canyon floor, river kayaking, trekking and tubing on Class 2 rapids below, rock climbing and rappelling on the side walls, canopy walks and tours.

Opening himself up to the adrenaline-boosting rides, Childers found himself “screaming like a little girl,” plunging some 45 meters down a gorge, strapped in parachute harness. The ride, aptly called “The Plunge”, is just one horror show in a series of horror rides at the park.

Gentler adventure pursuits are also available, from interesting hiking via well-laid out paths, to dune buggy rides, to a spot of dolphin watching.”

Cover concept by: SEAIR InFlight
Photo by: Jeffrey Sonora
Art direction by: Jocas A. See
Styling by: Waldo J. Villados
Hair & makeup by: Rocky Orejola
Modeling by: Mariana Fernandes
Location: Danao Adventure Park, Bohol

To subscribe a copy, call: +632 840.2802


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Jocas A. See. Visual communication designer. And a casual tourist

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