Nothing Quite Like the First Time

Last July 9, I’ve celebrated my blog’s first year anniversary with WordPress and Blogspot (again). Just like any other blog out there, it went on an identity crisis. As it reached its first year, it’s starting to take form or shape and develop into something that we usually found out months or years after we posted our first entry. From your first chance eye-to-eye encounter with your crush as you turned red instantly and bit your lip because you’re too shy then to the right mix of content or concept of the blog that stands out from the rest.

So far, I love every inch of it — tweaking the dashboard for good visual taste to posting relevant entries, as much as possible, and not sounding cheesy at all.  And to spice things up, there’ll be some changes and additions in this blog’s content.

Rain has stopped pouring…
First off, this blog will now be officially called Battlefield Man from this point on. I won’t be hitch hiking on the photo / travel and design per se blog bandwagon. Instead, I’ll be sharing with you wholeheartedly my personal experiences and thoughts in my everyday life and on the things that “really” interest me — food, books, people, places, events, social issues, photography and anything under the sun — just like the concept of my previous blog.

Weekend getaway: South China Sea, Fort Ilocandia, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

All in a day’s work…
Also, I’ll be posting some of my work experiences as an in-flight magazine art director (aside from my regular Picture(d) Feature). My professional experiences working with writers and photographers while on an assignment and on getting lost on the road; to coping up and dealing with non-diva and diva cover photographers, whining models, hair and make-up artists on location shoots. Sort of a “behind the scene” or “recap” of every issue we’ve produced.

Behind the scene: SEAIR InFlight's October - November 2009 Issue

Also, I’ll be talking about design — in and outside the realms of in-flight magazine production. As for my other works with ACID, there’ll be no traces here at all. It’ll be in its proper place. So, you check it out regularly for new projects and updates.

Never Use White Type on a Black Background...And 50 Other Ridiculous Design

These are just some of the major additions in this blog that you’ll encounter along the way. So, buckle up and enjoy the journey.

Happy 1st year, blog!


About battlefield_man

Jocas A. See. Visual communication designer. And a casual tourist

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