May 2010

Cover designed by Jocas A. See

Excerpt from the note of SEAIR InFlight Editor:

While we live in an increasingly exciting wired world, sometimes it’s good to abandon the techno smog, go camping, get some fresh air, swim with the sharks, or travel down a zipline in the tradition of old Indiana Jones; and perhaps, heaven forbid, even get some excitement from a real conversation with a person in the flesh.

Find your kid’s Achilles’ heel. Holidays and breaks are a time to encourage a sense of adventure and the enjoyment of the outdoors and the learning of new skills. On pages 46 to 57, Oggie Ramos has 10 time-out ideas that may just impress your teens and nearly-teens.

On pages 60 to 71, model Borgy Manotoc takes us on a tour of his hometown Ilocos Norte, birthplace of his late grandfather, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, and the regular haunt of the Marcos family. Manotoc kindly gave us a rundown of the clan’s favorite places, from unexplored beaches to heritage and adventure sites, and favorite restaurants.”

Cover concept by: SEAIR InFlight
Photo by: Iren Dornier
Styling by: Charmaine Palermo
Hair & makeup by: Aisa Costo
Modeling by: Ginger

To subscribe a copy, call: +632 840.2802.


About battlefield_man

Jocas A. See. Visual communication designer. And a casual tourist

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