Two For The Road

It’s exactly two years now since I walked the path of travel (magazine) industry — and this is not a joke for an April Fool’s Day!

SEAIR InFlight's cover: June - July 2008 (left) and April 2010 (right)

I left my former job for so many reasons. One reason is, I’m getting bored — it became a monotonous task for me with exactly the same thing that I’ll be doing over and over for the rest of the week. To simplify, creativity dried up. I became a desktop whore for almost six years. Before I was arguing with the editors but as the years gone by, I was also pleasing everybody’s egos as well — whose functions are totally irrelevant to their job description and to mine. In design terms, I’m dealing with (office staff) clutters.

And for the “other” many reasons? Corporate office politics are getting nastier. Like a contagious virus spreading in to your systems — clogging your nerves — blocking every air passages up to your brain until you succumb to the dark side — a path Anakin Skywalker took.

An answered prayer

One morning of January,  2008, inside a local pharmacy chain along Valero Street, I received a call from an agent of a printing company who then prints the InFlight magazine. She told me that she referred me to InFlight. During that time, their full-time art director had left and their February-March issue was still hanging on a balance. But months before that call, after my second former boss left, due to creative differences between the board, I’m already determined and have already made up my mind to leave my post as the newly instated design director. And during those times, I’m keen to look for a job in a different industry but still in design. I’ve felt my blood urged me to apply in the travel magazine industry. To cut a long story short, my prayers was been answered. I did InFlight‘s February-March issue under ACID Design & Communications as a freelancer.

Luckily, the editor liked my work. It suits her taste according to her then assistant editor Monica who’s now the managing editor. Right after the issue was turned-over to the press, I didn’t waste a single moment. I have stroke the iron while it was still hot. So, I’ve asked Monica If I could apply for the vacant post. She said, she’ll discuss it to her editor.

Every rose has its thorns… A lot, actually

Days have passed, after the printed February-March issue came out from the press, Monica told me over the phone that her editor is considering my application and she has to consult her partners first. While waiting for her response, the editor have asked me if I could take over the design of their next issue at the moment. And so I did took the job still under ACID Design & Communications as a freelancer. I told myself that I’ll never let this second opportunity passed up.

While I’m halfway done with the April-May issue, Monica broke the news that my application was been considered. They just have to finalize the terms right after this issue I’m working on.

On the following month, February, I filed my resignation. Leaving my former job was not only a feeling that I have pulled a thorn off my system but thousands of accumulative thorns all over me. A sigh of relief I’ve expressed.  And that was eight years ago.

Free as a bird

My first day of work at InFlight was back to zero. And I don’t mind. I’m free from misery. Everything is all first-time here. This time, I’m arguing with one editor only.  And I’m not pleasing somebody or someone’s ego at all.

Right after the June – July issue (with my own design judgment and execution), I was dispatched at Puerto Princesa, Palawan with my first acquaintances of writer Ces Rodriguez and photographer Mike Alcid.

Sunset view of the mangroves at Badjao Seafood Restaurant

Sunset view of mangroves at Badjao Seafood Restaurant

Writer Ces Rodriguez

Photographer Mike Alcid at work

Just three days after my Puerto Princesa dispatch, I was off to The Northern Paradise — Batanes — my dream destination with writer Andrea Passion and photographer Oggie Ramos (who became a friend).  Both I’ve met and worked with for the first time.

Rolling hills of Viang, Batan Island

Writer Andrea Passion (left) with lola Ida at House of Dakay

Photographer Oggie Ramos (right) with Batanes tour guide Mang Romy at Mahatao

These are just first of the first that happenned in the span of my two-year stay with InFlight. Good thing, I didn’t  snapped out then. And if I did, part two of Bowling for Columbine was on the roll.

For the next coming year again. God willing.


About battlefield_man

Jocas A. See. Visual communication designer. And a casual tourist


  1. Uy, interesting story ah. At na-extra pa ako 😀 Fate ang tawag diyan. Happy Easter bro! Looking forward to the next assignment with you.

  2. wanderboy

    ganda nga ng story at napaka interesting.

    more power!

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