Inglorious Hours

“Nobody here in the office is excited to go to Boracay!” as our sales and marketing director’s sudden outburst response to one of her staff during a pre dispatch meeting with the InFlight editorial team. And I second to that! Just a powdery white sand beaches and gin-clear waters are there and all I know. And don’t forget to mention, the ridiculous and ever increasing commercialization in the island.

Boracay’s White Beach at night. Taken last 2009, during a dispatch

Honestly, I’m so fortunate to be in and out of the island for a couple of times, as compared to others, who can’t afford to go to the island but once a year. Or how capable their financial state permits them to go back as frequent as they want it to. And they’ll be lucky enough if someone has invited them for the second time around in a year. And even luckier if all expense paid.

But, there’s this urge of curiosity within me that made me think more than twice about our sales and marketing director’s view of Boracay. I’ve asked myself: what else in Boracay for a photography hobbyist like me be interesting and be exciting to shoot at for four days and three nights of staying there? Then the-great / big-idea light bulb suddenly appeared and have whispered me that this idea is an exciting and a rare one to do. And what is it? I’ll photograph Boracay the other way around — presenting the other side of what the island is famous for — it’ll be sunrise in Boracay. And I’m a man on a mission.

Day 1: Tuesday
15 minutes before we touched down to the island, my excitement increases more. The view from my window suggested that I’m getting lucky. I thought waking up at 4:00 in the morning — which I really hate waking up so early but I’m bound to do so — will paid off and my haunt on the king sun’s glorious sunrise hours will be finish earlier than I estimated. But there’s something that I’ve noticed as we approached the province of Aklan. A mass of grey clouds is covering the whole Caticlan, a town where we will be dropping off in a few minutes. And these clouds served as a sandwich spread between Aklan and the rising sun. But the scenario didn’t bother me at all. All I know is that I saw the rising sun and it’ll be a sunny day the whole day. That’s it.

A mass of grey clouds sits over the province of Aklan at 6:04am.

As our plane descend towards the tarmac, my view of the sun about to rise is changing, as well as my excitement. And suddenly, the view was no more. Our plane thrust into the grey clouds. We are lost in the void for almost a minute or so with zero visibility. After the pilot aired that we’re about to land, the view of a golden – fiery sky had changed into a bleak Tuesday morning. Rapture had suddenly ceased in less than 3 minutes.

But it doesn’t matter at all. Since we’re about to stay after landing and wait for an half an hour or so for the second batch of our team, which is on the second flight after ours. And I didn’t lose hope. I still got three more days to catch the king sun.

Day 2: Wednesday
As much as I hate it — again, I have to wake up early at 4:30am. I have to remind myself that I’m a man on a mission here. This is my second day to haunt the king sun and its glorious sunrise. And what happened? The king sun didn’t appeared until I finished breakfast and headed to our location shoot at Lapuz-Lapuz Beach. Then, minutes past 7:30am, the king sun sits on his thrown the whole day. It seems that he also hate waking up early. Or did the king sun is just testing how high my boiling point will reach at the peak and explode.

Lapuz-Lapuz Beach at 7:17am

So, it doesn’t make sense at all for me to shoot further. For one, I’ve lost my excitement to the king sun. Second, that day, even though it’s just nearly 8:00am, the light is already harsh and it’s burning my skin already. And third, I need to go back to work.

Day 3: Thursday
The king sun didn’t appeared until I finished breakfast and headed to our location shoot at Lapuz-Lapuz Beach. Then, minutes past 7:30am, the king sun sits on his thrown the whole day.

The greens at Balaihara, Fairways & Bluewater

What happened yesterday was exactly what happened in day three. The king sun has been consistent since the day I arrived. As if the king sun has a biological clock to when he’ll be waking up on his own. And these mass of grey clouds that welcomed us from day one serves as his blanket the whole night. And I’m losing my determination to catch him.

Day 4: Friday
What now? Last night, I decided to wake up late instead. I need to catch a 12:30 flight out to Manila. It’s going to be a hassle if I won’t be able to check in early. Or else, we’ll be traveling two hours out from Caticlan to Kalibo International Airport, Aklan’s capital city, on a rough road condition. And this is another one hell of an experience that you’ll swear on your dead relative’s grave.

Moral Lesson?
What I’ve experienced in this year’s first Boracay trip, was that the king sun had played a trick on me. He played hide and seek with me for four straight days. But, there’s really nothing I can do. That’s mother nature I’m dealing with — either you make or brake it. Well, there will be a next time, king sun. And I will wait for that right moment.

But seriously, I’ve learned one thing about this trip that is so certain, and that our weather pattern nowadays are full of uncertainties.

And please, don’t blame your weatherman for that.


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