Picture Feature(d): Batanes

Excerpt from Batanes: A Guide to the Wild, Wild North by Lei Chavez for SEAIR InFlight February – March 2010

If you like the beaches, check out Nakaboang, Chadpidan, White Beach, and the famous Valugan rocky beach.

The famous Valugan rocky beach

InFlight's Ins & Outs section's opening page. Designed and layout by Jocas A. See

“From the main town of Basco, you can visit the House of Dakay, a UNESCO heritage stone house in the town of Ivana…”

House of Dakay

“Drop by nostalgic and eerie Songsong Ruins, the only remnant of a seaside town struck by tsunami in the 50s.”

The nostalgic and eerie Songsong Ruins

InFlight's Ins & Outs section's second page. Designed and layout by Jocas A. See

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Author’s Note:
Batanes is one of my dream destinations long before I became part of the editorial team of SEAIR InFlight. I can only see Batanes and its mysticism on local travel TV channels and as the program ends, back to day dreaming Batanes, so as the drooling and the salivating ends as well.

When I got the news that I’ll be flying over to the Northern Paradise together with the other dispatch team for an assignment in 2008, (Luckily, SEAIR is “the only” airlines that flies to Batanes daily.) I can’t help myself wondering what will I do the moment our plane touched down and set my foot on Batanes grounds? Would I act like Neil Armstrong the moment he landed on the moon? Would I kiss the ground? Would I kneel down to the ground with open arms and shout out: “Batanes, I’m here!”? Or would I shed tears of joy? It’s a sweet emotion to me, actually. I just can’t believed myself that I was in Batanes.

It never came across in my mind that I’ll be in Batanes one day. Now, I’ve been there twice already. The second trip was last year for a fishing assignment and I hope God permits me to be there again and again.

Batanes will always be in my travel list.


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