Mindoro Beach: Life in Repose

Mindoro Beach

The beach is a resort for a time being— a place where time stops itself from turning. A beach is also a vast and wide mirror to reflect life from seconds past ‘til the yesterdays. I also consider the beach as my grand stage for my next life’s performance. But not in Mindoro Beach in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

The moment I set foot on Mindoro Beach, it is not about myself that I want to see. But on that day, the struggles and hardships of our poor fellow Filipino living in the beach front had welcomed me open arms instead — together with the perils of the harsh environment their children was playing in.

Mindoro Beach

Grey to almost black grains of sands where I was walking on. Dried up trees and rustic wooden homes were the ornaments of Mindoro Beach. Sharp winds brought in by the oceans have embraced me. While the scorching heat of the sun have walked with me along the 3km stretch of Mindoro Beach. A not so inviting scenes to see nor feel if enjoyment and relaxation comes in your mind.

The joy of life abandoned Mindoro Beach. Left are families struggling to live life they never wished of — trying to make a living out of almost nothing. (To see more of my personal takes of Mindoro Beach, click here.)

Mindoro Beach

Which, this blog entry leads to a very serious global issue — Poverty.

In 2006, estimated 27.6 million Filipinos have reached way below the Philippines’ poverty threshold. 16 per cent more than the 23.8 million estimated in 2003. Of the 27.6 million poor individuals, 12.2 million couldn’t even afford to meet the basic need — food.

This blog entry is not another crusade to fight against poverty. It’s about how one individual can share, support or contribute to uplift the standard of living of our fellow Filipino. How? By giving support to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) programs and, to the non-government or non-profit organizations — may it be financial or in kind. What about prayers? Yes. Very much needed indeed. But faith alone without work can’t suffice.

This is not just the Philippine government’s fight against poverty, as a Filipino citizen and as a Christian, this is also our fight.


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