Bookmarked: The Idea Book

The Idea Book

The Idea Book’s inside page

Every time I have a new and interesting project to work with, I go out to find inspirations (guys, this is not an excuse to escape my dull office moments, okay?) . Most of my inspirations can be found at the bookstores — novelty or specialty, new or old. As long as there something tangible to hold on with and there are pages to flip it over and over. For me, majority of my inspirations comes from printed materials — CD / DVD packagings, magazines, books and even the reflection of boredom in the faces of bookstore sales attendant. Mostly, these are my inspirations.

One mundane after office hours, I went to a bookstore and one of the things that caught my curiosity is The Idea Book by renowned Swedish speaker and creativity lecturer Fredrik Härén.

The Idea Book

The Idea Book

It has 150 pages of real-life stories and experiences from people of all walks of life on how they were able to come up brilliant ideas that have changed the world since. Sharing the 150 pages are inspiring quotes from Isaac Newton to Walter Lippman, from Thomas Edison to Thomas J. Watson (founder of IBM), and more.

The Idea Book

A page of inspiring quote from Isaac Newton

The Idea Book

The Idea Book’s back cover

I find the book helpful in nurturing creativity and making an imagined work comes to life. I also do recommend this book to some who has lost touch in writing the traditional way in this digitally wired generation. So, I suggest to stop tapping the screens of your mobile phones and get The Idea Book and start scribbling that next big thing.


The book is a product from, founded by the author himself.

Book details:
The Idea Book by Fredrik Härén
First published in English in 2004, originally in Swedish and translated by Fiona Miller
Book designed by Andr
é Wognum
Locally distributed by Asiatype Distribution
Priced at PhP995 (National Bookstore)


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