Baguio: Revisited

Misty Baguio

Misty Baguio: A view of Veterans Memorial Park along Harrison Road

The first time I was in Baguio was a company-sponsored trip back in 1998. I was so excited, mainly because I will be travelling 270km away from Manila through Kennon Road then. Second, it’s going to be a memorable one for sure since I was with my closest officemates. Third, Baguio was one of the must-visit destination, long before the island of Boracay.

When we were there, we rented a transient house for 4 days and 3 nights. Then, we went to the usual tourist’s destinations of Baguio — Burnham Park, Mines View, Philippine Military Academy, hike up the 252 steps to the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, bought some souvenirs at Good Shepperd Convent and even went to the Strawberry farm in La Trinindad, Benguet. It was a fun-filled experience I have shared with my former officemates. And that was Baguio in 1998.

Fast forward to 2009, while I was in the office doing my usual mundane office routine, a news suddenly burst out in the air that we will be having a flight to Baguio this coming September. As I’ve heard that news, a spark suddenly lit up my eyes like a boy who can’t wait to open his birthday gift present. My memories of Baguio came back like hundreds of arrows from my deep memory bank fired up to the sky down in front of me — I was so excited.

Days later, I was in Baguio.

I’ll be posting my 2009 Baguio experiences one by one after this post. For now, have a wonderful day ahead.


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