Déjà vu

Days ago I was thinking of a new blog — more of a creative outlet of my not-so-new hobby — digital photography. So, I signed up with WordPress to have a new feel and a different perspective. As I tinker the dashboard page down to its Widgets, I thought of copying my profile’s description from my “other” blog — Fragments of the Matter — so I won’t be retyping it again. As I opened a new browser tab for my supposed “other” blog — to my amaze — it says:  Blog not found. Wow! I was speechless for more than a minute. Thinking what I’ve done. Did I just misspelled my username and password or vice versa? Did I just typed my blog’s title wrong? I can’t think of anything else that would erase or delete my account that easily. I held that blog for 2 years. The entries was so personal and I have a new list of topics I was planning to post on it soon.

But, come to think of it, it has a reason why it was suddenly been erased or deleted. Maybe, it’s really time to have anew. So, to make my mourning cut short for the lost of my old blog, I welcome you to Rain Walk — my new blog. Just like the old one, it’ll be more personal. A notch high I could say.

‘Til then…


About battlefield_man

Jocas A. See. Visual communication designer. And a casual tourist

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